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Miss Africulture 2023Frequently Asked Questions

Miss Africulture 2023Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the physical requirements to contest for Miss Africulture?

Answer: We accept all physiques. Tall or Short, Slim or Chub, Fair or Dark. So far you’re an African birth and your gender is female, you’re good to go.

  1. How do I become a winner?

Answer: Miss Africulture is a transparent pageant, we have our unique grading system called APGS (Africulture Point Grading System) which is a total of 100 points. There’s an allocated number of points for each tasks in the pageant. The finalist with the highest point wins

  1. Can the former Miss Africulture title holder contest?

Answer: No, Miss Africulture previous Queen(first position)can’t contest in the pageant. Other title holders and contestants who didn’t win can contest.

  1. Where is this year’s finale going to hold

Answer: The 4th Edition Grand Finale will hold in Lagos, Nigeria. Contestants from all over Africa who made it through the tasks will come to Lagos, Nigeria for the Grand Finale

  1. What are the other titles asides Miss Africulture

Answer: We have Miss Africulture Tourism, Miss Africulture Unity, and Miss Africulture Top Model. We have other Awards too for Contestants

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